Wax Fire Starters


Simply set one among your fireplace logs & light the wick to help get your cozy fire going.

We craft our Wax Fire Starters from recycled soy wax, wax-saturated paper towels, paper liners, wood shavings, wood/or cotton wicks, and fresh/or dried botanicals to provide an environmentally friendly option. They are safe to start a fire in your wood-burning fireplace or campfire by placing them in with a bit of kindling.  Our fire starters are an eco-friendly way to start your campfire without using harmful lighter fluid. The soy wax will burn completely without leaving any residue, provided the fire burns completely. The fire is lit within minutes.  These products are safe for children and pets and do not contain any petroleum products.

Our Wax Fire Starters may include fresh natural elements such as cedar fronds, holly leaves, and berries, and rosemary. Although these items dry out over time and turn dark/brown, they still burn perfectly fine. These cute fire starters are perfect anytime you choose to have a fire in the fireplace or campfire. They make a great housewarming or hostess gift.

Suggested Use: Place 1 whole piece near the bottom of your kindling on a flat piece of wood inside your fireplace/pit. Light the wick and allow it to catch fire to the wood.

Each package contains four pieces.



Weight 8 oz

Repurposed wax, wax-saturated paper towels, cinnamon sticks, dried botanicals, cotton wick


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